More Dark Souls 2 woes as PC port is unplayable for some

Dark Souls 2VAC ban issues are just a list of many, with hundreds of Steam users taking to the forums listing numerous issues with Dark Souls 2.

With Dark Souls 2 released officially on PC for only one day, From Software have once again, it seems, released a poor PC port for a Dark Souls game. Dark Souls became infamous on PC for being unplayable in 1080p or at frame rates above 30FPS with their original port. It was left up to the community to fix From Software and Namco Bandai’s lacklustre port that time, with Durante’s DSfix becoming a requirement for players just to play the game.

Now it appears history is repeating itself, with users complaining of the game not recognising controllers, the previous VAC ban complaints, a game-breaking crash on start-up that makes the game unplayable, issues with keyboard and mouse controls, pre-order bonuses not showing up in-game, black screen issues and many more.

Namco Bandai have released a statement on Steam, assuring users that these issues will be fixed in time. Until then, excited players who can’t even get into the game will, it seems, just have to wait.


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