Don’t Starve is adding multiplayer

Don't Starve Expect to see the update “late this summer”. 

After announcing to fans in late 2012 that Klei Entertainment had no intentions of creating multiplayer features in Don’t Starve, the developers have now performed a 180. In a new announcement on the Don’t Starve official forums, JoeW of Klei Entertainment confirmed rumours that a multiplayer aspect of their game was being worked on.

Called Don’t Starve Together, the changes will see balancing measures taken in order to accommodate 2-4 players on the same map surviving together. JoeW also hinted at the prospect of new features for the game along with Don’t Starve Together.

The update will come to Steam/PC first with no announcement of any console release as of yet. The multiplayer aspect will be free for those who already own Don’t Starve, but those of you who don’t have it yet will see a price hike to $19.99. At £11.99 here in the UK right now, it’s anticipated the title will raise to the price of £14.99.

No specific date has yet been confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled around “late summer” for the Early Access of Don’t Starve Together.

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