Rising Storm gets a Game of the Year edition

Rising Storm A free update if you already own the game, the GotY edition is adding a boatload of new content.

After claiming the Best Multiplayer award from numerous sources last year, developer and publishers Tripwire Interactive have slyly rolled out the new update along with a trailer to accompany it:

A new map called Maggot Hill and a new playable faction in Merrill’s Marauders are available, with Maggot Hill being much more tactically orientated than previous RS maps. Praised for the tactical opportunities in flanking and the competency of battle leaders, Maggot Hill seems like the map to look for.

In addition to that, a new game mode in the form of Search and Destroy has been added, along with 10 maps configured for it. A Russian and German transport vehicle has been added, along with 3 maps configured to allow for them to be used effectively.

And finally, three community maps in Phosphate Plant, Otori Shima and Myshkovka River round up what you’ll get with the GotY edition. Don’t forget that if you already own the game, it’s completely free in an update.

If you don’t already have the game and you’re interested, here’s the GotY on Steam.

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