Unbelievable footage from largest ever Planetside 2 battle

Planetside 2Going down in history as ‘Server Smash’, the 240 vs 240 battle has a great documentary-style video accompanying it.

Free-to-play Planetside 2 got some flak last month for their introduction of pop-up, in-game advertisements. Developers Sony Online Entertainment will be happy then, that almost 500 people took to one server and produced one of the fiercest battles in online gaming history.

Essentially a North America vs Europe battle, the clash was documented by one particular YouTube user who took from the live streams of the event, making an interesting and exciting ‘documentary’ in the process. Watch it here:

And if you don’t feel like spending half an hour watching the video to find out who won, well, it was… SPOILERS BELOW!






Connery, AKA, North America.

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