Death threats sent to Oculus VR team after Facebook acquisition

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has confirmed that their team has received death threats since their acquisition by Facebook earlier this week.

Replying to a comment on the /r/Oculus subreddit where Luckey has been very active since the acquisition, he answered a comment asking how Oculus couldn’t have seen the backlash to their recent deal coming.

His comment is as follows:

“We expected a negative reaction from people in the short term, we did not expect to be getting so many death threats and harassing phone calls that extended to our families.

We know we will prove ourselves with actions and not words, but that kind of shit is unwarranted, especially since it is impacting people who have nothing to do with Oculus.”

Discussions about the Facebook deal with Oculus VR continue onward despite assurances by Luckey himself that no negative impact will come to the Oculus Rift headset because of the acquisition. If you haven’t heard of this story yet, read Enter_Name_Here’s round-up of the events here.

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