True Player Gear enter the VR race

The relatively unknown company have presented their challenger to the Oculus Rift, calling it the Totem.

Announcing the Totem on their website here, the VR headset comes complete with numerous claims that seem somewhat overreaching for a new project.

The Totem claims to be compatible with not only PC, but the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 also. Although no official statement has yet been issued from Microsoft or Sony, but it’s difficult to imagine they would let a relatively unknown company port hardware onto their existing technology. This also becomes more unlikely with Sony’s recent announcement of their own VR headset, Morpheus.

In addition to that, Totem also will support four of the largest engines in gaming, Unity, Unreal, Havok and CryEngine. While this, again, is unlikely, it’s not wholly unfeasible like their previous claim. With news from True Player Gear currently sparse, it’s speculated that the headset could act as a 2D/3D monitor, without the positional tracking capabilities the Oculus Rift will supply.

That again, presents problems, however. With consoles running at 30FPS the headset could give players nausea, much like early versions of the Oculus Rift did.

Look out on Enter_Name_Here for more information about this mysterious VR headset when it arises.

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