EA won’t be crowned ‘Worst Company in America’ for a third time

Unfortunate news for all of you Origin-hating,  bug-tormented Battlefield 4 players. EA has lost out to Time Warner Cable in the first round of the ‘Worst Company in America’. 

Although champions of the competition for the last two years running, it seems that broken Titanfall, Dungeon Keeper and Battlefield 4 releases didn’t affect them too badly this time around. In addition to holding games like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 hostage on their Origin service, they’ve also faced criticism this year for the still-broken Sim City. 

Bugs, unfinished textures and game-breaking problems marred their Battlefield 4 release this year, with allegations that it was released unfinished. Later on Dungeon Keeper was released on iOS and slammed for it’s money-grubbing, anti-consumer cash-grabbing tactics. Finally, this year saw Titanfall unavailable for many players on launch with the almost expected EA server crashes. All this, however, obviously wasn’t enough for their hat-trick.

Sim City was the nail in their coffin last time out, but this time around Time Warner Cable beat them to the punch by a tiny 1.2% margin. Find out other results from the WCIA awards here.

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