Forget the Goat Simulator, here’s the Bear Simulator

Bear SimulatorThe confusing trend of ‘___ simulator’ seems to be continuing, with Bear Simulator’s appearance on Kickstarter.

The brainchild of Farjay Studios, Bear Simulator has been described as: “A mini Skyrim but with bears.”

Although in very early alpha stages, there is a gameplay video out. Unlike the now infamous Goat Simulator, Bear Simulator appears much more relaxed in itself. Where Goat Simulator would have you taking advantage of the wacky and buggy goings on available, Bear Simulator appears to be a walk in the part to take in the beautiful scenery.

After the hype train well and truly set off for this title, Farjay Studios took to their Kickstarter page to try and calm the masses down:

“First off I just wanted to let you guys know this isn’t going to be a massive AAA game with all sorts of fancy features, I may have over-dramatized some things based on feedback which was my bad. The goal is to make a simple and relaxing exploration game where you discover stuff while being a bear. There will be some aggressive animals and challenges but that isn’t the main point.”

From the game’s Kickstarter page, Bear Simulator will include a large, multi-environment world. With that, it already has one up on the frozen, empty wasteland of Skyrim. In addition, it’ll have a ‘catastrophic’ amount of secrets and, of course, goats.

Bear Simulator does have an official website here. If the game is something you’d be interested in then feel free to donate money to the cause on their Kickstarter page here.


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