Steam Controller gets an update

Steam ControllerValve’s upcoming Steam Controller has had a technological update ahead of it’s release.

Adding a D-Pad and new face buttons, the Steam Controller has suddenly transformed into a recognisable, almost standard looking controller. The Haptic feedback pads remain, but no longer dominate the controller like previous iterations.

Valve announced the new-look of the controller yesterday in a post on Steam. Hopes for the controller are for it to be shown to the public at the upcoming Games Developers Conference (GDC), an event next week in San Francisco.

The wording in their release on Steam does make this controller sound like it isn’t the final product, however. After constantly being referred to as a ‘prototype’, it’s fair to assume that the Steam Controller will continue to evolve. A release date for the controller has not yet been announced, but it’s assumed by some in the industry that it’ll launch along with the Steam OS some time later this year.


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