Rome II: Total War has more DLC on the way

Hannibal at the GatesTroubled RTS Rome II: Total War’s new DLC pack will arrive later this month.

Hannibal at the Gates is due to arrive on the 27th of March and will drop players into the Second Punic War. The Second Punic War saw Rome and Carthage, the two global superpowers at the time, face off against each other again after Hannibal’s famous march over the Alps.

The DLC is set to include five factions with three new editions; Rome, Carthage, Syacuse, the Arevaci and the Lusitani.  A whole host of new units and new skill trees specific to each famous commander will also be unlocked.

Players who opt out of the DLC will be receiving a free content update, the details of which are yet to be announced.

Mike Simpson, Creative Director at developers Creative Assembly said: “Rome II was hugely ambitious for our studio. We do regret that some reviewers and core fans didn’t get everything they wanted from it. We are committed to improving and adding to the game over the coming months; we very much want Rome II to be remembered as one of our best.”


If you’re interested in finding out more then go to the Rome II: Total War official website.


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