AI developers Moon Collider announce link with Star Citizen

Star CitizenUpcoming space simulation game Star Citizen has announced a link with the creators of the revolutionary AI system ‘Kythera’, Moon Collider.

Star Citizen’s developers, Cloud Imperium Games, intend to apply the Kythera AI system in to both NPC characters and spacecrafts.

CEO of Moon Collider, Matthew Jack, said:

“We call Kythera the dynamic AI, and our ambition for it is to step up to the next level of creative gameplay and immersive worlds. So it’s a perfect match for Star Citizen – this generation’s most dynamic and immersive PC game.”

Star Citizen is just one of many hugely ambitious games that secured funding through the crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter. After asking for $500,000 back in November 2012, backers raised over $2 million in response. Funding carried on through Cloud Imperium Games’ website, and in August 2013 Eurogamer reported they’d raised over $15 million in donations. The most recent figure sits at an unbelievable $38 million from crowd funding.

Legendary developer Chris Robert no doubt has played a hand in the rise to fame of Star Citizen. As the spearhead of Cloud Imperium Games, it’s hoped his experience can help Star Citizen reach its full potential. His previous titles include masterpieces such as Wing Commander, Starlancer and Freelancer. 

It’s undeniably one of the most anticipated PC games in history, with a vague release date of ‘2015’ attached to it.

To find out more then visit Star Citizen’s official website here.

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