Another zombie MMO set to release

H1H1 Developed by free-to-play giants Sony Online Entertainment, ‘H1Z1‘ will launch first on PC with an early access fee of $20.

SOE president John Smedley took to Reddit to announce his new game, showing off the ambitious aims the title will have:

“To use a simple reference I’m sure everyone interested in this game will get… we want our players to make Woodbury from The Walking Dead if they want to. Or take over a prison. Or fix an old car so you and your friends (yeah we have multiplayer vehicles) can run zombies and players over mercilessly, and revel in the sheer delight of hearing a zombie scream as you light it on fire, or craft a gun to take down your friends and enemies alike. Our goal here is to provide emergent gameplay that will allow our players to make the world their own the way they want to. “

The name H1Z1 comes from the virus that has, quite unoriginally, turned the populace into zombies. Weapons such as Molotov cocktails, the infamous M1911 pistol and explosives have been confirmed by Smedley, as well as the scavenging for food and water titles like DayZ, Rust and Project Zomboid are famous for.

It goes without saying that SOE are stepping into waters already filled with boats. That said, excitement for this one appears to be high. From Smedley’s Reddit post, users reacted positively to the prospect of DayZ “with a good engine.”

They will have the leaders in this market DayZ and Rust to contend with, but overlooking smaller titles like Dead State, 7 Days To Die, Project Zomboid, State of Decay, How To Survive, The Dead Linger and Man of Prey would be foolish. Many of these games are still in early access stages, making them highly susceptible to changes in the future.

More news about H1Z1 is going to be released within the next week, as long as a livestream by SOE themselves, so keep watching for more information soon.

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