New Unreal Tournament announced

A new crowdsourced UT is coming to Unreal Engine 4 and has been confirmed to be completely free on release.

Epic Games are spearheading the unique development of the newest UT. In a blog post on the Unreal Engine forums Epic confirmed that every step of development will be shared with the community for their opinions, unpopular features will be changed in accordance with what the community wants. All the code created for the game is going to be open and free to any Unreal Engine 4 developer to adapt and add changes to, some of which may end up in the game if they’re good enough.

If you haven’t seen anything from the new Unreal Engine 4, their impressive ‘Infiltrator’ trailer is here:

Epic have also said that development will be focused on Mac, Windows and Linux, which acts as good news for the number of you moving across to Linux. The monetised aspect of the game will come through a ‘Steam Workshop’ type of system. Modders and content developers can share or sell their work on the marketplace, with Epic taking a cut of the money made. This, Epic say, is how they’re planning on making money from the game.

Development literally started yesterday on the new Unreal Tournament, so a release date is some way off. Keep an eye out for more news regarding this strange development process, however.

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