Towns developers halt production of the game

Towns The small team behind Towns have officially ended their development of the title.

In a post on their official forums, developer Moebius has confirmed that he, Xavi Canal and Ben Palgi have ended their production and development of their building game Towns.

Towns hit headlines upon its release in November 2012 for being unfinished despite being sold as a completed product. The ‘early access game before Early Access’ was criticised hugely for charging players full-price for what was an unfinished game. They also caught flak for failing to inform potential buyers about the risk they were taking when purchasing the game.

After vowing to fix the game, the developers have now called a halt to the mission and have, as some commentators call it, ‘abandoned’ their game. Furious forum users lambasted the developers in their thread announcing the news, accusing them of ‘sting[ing] us along’ and being ‘nothing but a quitter’.

The news that the developers were thinking of creating Towns 2 also caught criticism given that Towns is still officially unfinished. Moebius did say in his post that the possibility of Towns becoming open-source was likely, however, creating the opportunity for intrepid modders to fix the bugs still plaguing the game.

This news came a day after Steam pulled fraudulent Early Access title Earth 2066 from their marketplace and stands as another blemish against the quality control going on at Steam’s HQ.

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