DayZ sells 2 million copies


Creator Dean Hall has confirmed that DayZ hit the 2 million mark after just 6 months in Early Access.

Easily the biggest success story of Valve’s Early Access scheme, DayZ has remained in the top 10 sellers list since it hit the marketplace 6 months ago. Dean Hall confirmed the huge landmark in a tweet you can find here:

DayZ’s slow progress in development has caused some disgruntlement among fans of the title, however. Tweets replying to Hall sarcasticly congratulated the developer on the milestone and called into question the glitches and bugs present in the game. The most common of these is the ability for zombies to clip through walls and attack players, something that has affected the game since the earliest iteration of the original mod.

Complaints were also raised about the mouse acceleration issues and high pings due to poor server stability. Hall didn’t comment on any of these, but this frustration from his audience opens the door for Sony and their upcoming game H1Z1, which looks set to be very similar to DayZ, albeit not on the troublesome ARMA 2 engine.

DayZ still sits in the number 1 spot on Steam’s top sellers, beating off AAA titles like Dark Souls 2 and the pre-orders of Watch_Dogs.


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