Minecraft 1.8 will add customisable maps

Mojang’s latest video previews the capabilities of world customisation in their upcoming update.

Minecraft’s biggest update for a couple of months will see players able to craft their own worlds, as well as the things they put in it. With numerous features of the 1.8 update already announced, Mojang have caught people out by announcing another huge add-on in the form of world customisation.

From the video, it appears customising your world will be simple, asĀ 3 large pages of choices control things like biome size and frequency, sea level and whether or not you want lava oceans, because why not?

The update comes alongside the announcement of new blocks. Diorite, Andesite, granite and slime blocks will all be added in the new 1.8 patch. As well as new blocks, a new mob in the form of the Endermite will hit fans, which’ll be similar to silverfish in their behavior.

1.8 will arrive at some time in May this year, although no specific date has yet been announced.

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