Korean MMO Black Desert looks amazing

A new video showing off their huge, gorgeous open world will make you desperate to see more.

Developers Pearl Abyss are rumoured to be interested in bringing the Korean MMO to the West, but have, as of yet, been unable to find a Western publisher to back them.

If, after that video you’re still not sold, the game will feature a parkour system to help players traverse the world. A weather system that will directly impact gameplay is to be added, along with a day and night cycle that influences what NPCs are available to you.

Combat, from trailers, seems fast paced, something that’s rare for an MMO. In addition to that, mounted combat is available with your mount even killable. Some of the combat from the game is here:

Mounted combat, including war elephants was teased in a trailer you can watch here:

One criticism raised was of a lack of variety in areas shown in the trailers for Black Desert, Pearl Abyss’ world map should remedy any fears you have about this.

There’s no concrete release date yet, but rumours have placed it for release in Korea this year. With no publisher yet, a Western release is hard to predict but keep on the look out for more coverage of this exciting MMO.

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