The Civilisation series takes to the skies

With their new trailer released at PAX, Civilisation: Beyond Earth is heading for the final frontier.

The unveiling comes just days after Firaxis declared they would be announcing a new AAA title at PAX, with Civilisation: Beyond Earth being it. Firaxis are a subsidiary of 2K, and have been making Sid Meier’s Civilisation games for close to twenty year. In addition to that, they made the blockbuster strategy XCOM: Enemy Unknown back in 2012.

The game itself will run very similar to a standard Civilisation game. Aliens act as both city states and barbarians and diplomacy relies solely on your actions and reactions with them. In addition, you choose what to take from Earth, if you wish for an advanced start. The game is being hailed as a spiritual successor the Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Like Centauri this isn’t a sequel to Civilisation V, instead an ‘expand-alone’ title.

Another piece of promising news is that Beyond Earth will fully support Linux on launch, adding another AAA title to the already growing list that has chosen to support the open-OS.

There’s no definite news on when you can expect this on your rig yet outside of ‘Fall 2014’, but watch out for more news soon.

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