Transistor will arrive on the 20th of May

TransistorThe eagerly anticipated game from the makers of Bastion is dropping next month.

Supergiant Games, the creators of indie classic Bastion, have announced their new title Transistor will launch on the 20th of May for PC and PS4. Launching through Steam and their website, Supergiant Games have said the title will cost £15.

They’ve also announced their intention to show their latest build of the game at PAX East in Boston this week, marking the one year anniversary since Transistor was announced.

The game will have you take control of Red, a singer who acquires the sentient Transistor sword, causing her to be perused by ‘The Process’. The game is an asymmetric beat-’em-up, not quite unlike Bastion, aside from Transistor implements a slow-down planning mode, where you can map out their moves and then see them performed at speed.

Transistor launches on the 20th of May on Steam and Supergaint Games’ website.


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