Red Orchestra 2 is free for 24 hours

Red Orchestra 2

Tripwire’s realistic WWII shooter will be free on Steam, allowing users to keep their free copy forever as long as they get it within the allotted time zone.

Just a couple of days since Rising Storm players got a free patch with the GotY edition, Tripwire have continued their generous week by giving Steam users access to Red Orchestra 2 completely free.

Although the time the promotion begins is somewhat funny, it’s expected that users in the UK will be able to download the game from 4/5pm no the 23/04/2014 for 24 hoursards.

Rising Storm will also have a free weekend on Steam, allowing users to test it out before buying. If you’re impressed after the free weekend, Tripwire have announced they will be discounting Rising Storm to accommodate new players.

The announcement was made through a Steam post by Tripwire here.

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