Planetside 2 patches in-game adverts into latest update

Planetside 2

The free-to-play FPS has been accused of making the adverts ‘invasive’ and ‘click baiting’. 

Sony Online Entertainment’s flagship free-to-play title has been taking some flak since it’s newest patch. The adverts in question ask the user whether they’d like to sign up to SOE’s ‘member’ system and “increase your experience gain rates”.

The ‘accept’ and ‘decline’ buttons are mapped to the Y and N keys by default, causing many players to open the adverts in-game while mistaking them for something else. An example of the adverts is here, provided by Reddit user /u/chipay.

As one of the largest online Planetside communities, the Planetside subreddit has voiced their concern, hoping SOE will take notice. Up until now, however, no official statement has been made by SOE regarding the patch or the in-game advertisements.

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